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About InYachts

INYachts Ibiza is a very young company, but with a long history and years of experience in the boating industry.

Alma Schmid-Charvát is the founder of INYachts Ibiza, counting with over 15 years of being the Fairline Dealer for Ibiza & Formentera with many more to follow.

INYachts Ibiza combines the beautiful Sales & Service Point for Fairline Yachts in Ibiza, in the near future in addition also the Sales & Service Point of the smaller sized perfect day boats AXOPAR with excellent Service and Care-Taking for your boats, sales and boating experience.

INYachts is not a large company. We don’t have a hundred Ibiza yachts in our fleet (we’ve actually limited our INYachts fleet size to approx. 25 yachts), we don’t have 60-page glossy brochures and you won’t see our full-page colour advertisements in all the Ibiza magazines.
The fact is that most of our guests hear about us by word of mouth, or are repeat INYachts customers who have already been with us or are people who have been recommended to us by others.
We insist on a highly personalized service – and many of our clients are surprised to discover that such a “small” company offers facilities normally associated with so-called “premium companies”.

Meet the INYachts Team:

INYachts offers:

Mia Jakobsson

Alma Schmid-Charvát

  • Brokerage Boats
  • Yacht Management
  • Guardinage
  • Charter Boats
  • Official Dealer for FAIRLINE
  • Official Dealer for AXOPAR

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