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INYachts Ibiza yacht charter

Pre Owned boats for sale

In Yachts Ibiza offers you a full- service:

We are helping you to understand your own needs in a boat and evaluate your your wishes and necessities ( how many are you in your Crew? What are your plans? Day use? Sleeping on board? Occasionally or on each visit ?

We will be assisting you in finding the best pick of boat for you.

We will accompany you to the first viewing, arrange survey reports, control papers and tax situations and also prepare for the final Handover to you, owning a new used boat.


InYachts Ibiza´s commitment does not end here. After and onwards of the completion of your purchase, we will still be always there for you, providing you with an excellent service and assistance in all fields related to your boat, as you would like.

We are making sure, that you stay in love and embrace the Now for as long possible with your new boat and leisure moments on board.

We are looking forward to hearing from you! How can we be in assistance to you?


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