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INYachts Ibiza yacht charter

Ibiza Boat Charter

INYachts Ibiza yacht charter
Charter a boat with InYachts Ibiza! We have boats of all sizes and we guarantee an unforgettable experience!

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In a world where time is precious since we all seem to be so tied up in our busy lives, wouldn’t it be nice to take a break with an Ibiza Boat Charter? Run away from stress and constant phone calls? Just for a day?!

We at InYachts Ibiza have a true believe: what really matters in life are our memorable moments with our family and friends. Those moments, that create positive bondings or make them grow even bigger and make us feel good!

InYachts Ibiza offers you a wide range of Ibiza Boat Charter from small fun boats to luxury Yachts and every size boat in between to write a precious memorable day on the water into your “I had the best time ever” history.

How would you like someone to tailor the content to your special day and take care of the organization around the actual boating experience? Adding the personal touch and value to your very own Fun-Day? We are happy to take care of you, and provide you with extras like restaurant reservations in Formentera, organize a catering on board, make sure you have everything you need on board and fully enjoy the paradise, that surrounds us here in Ibiza.

You are asking why we are different from other yacht charter companies here on the island? That’s easy: we don’t promise things we can’t do. We are real, face to face and trustful. It’s not just business – it’s our passion, because we are all working in this business since many many years. And because we like to do that many more years, we are interested in happy clients, booking their charter every year.

We love being out on a boat, watching the sunset, tasting the salt on our lips, feeling a tender breeze on our skin, do you?

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