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After Summer is before Summer ;-) Thank you all for the season 2022!!

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Your Ibiza’s Care-takers in Charter, Yacht Sales and Yacht Management

Welcome to INYachts Ibiza, with whom you can relax since we are taking care of your boating experience !!!

Thank you for the season of 2022!! Have a good winter and let´s dream about oceantime in 2023!!

With everything going on in the world, we believe, that it is more important than ever to create an “islands” of peace and joy around us. A time and place where we can feel freedom and enjoy the moment and not think too much. Let us create such an island of feeling good for you. We care for your experiences at sea and on land,  whether it´s  with one of our charter yachts  or in conjunction with your boat trips with your own yacht.


We at INYachts Ibiza are a feminine founded company, where caring for our clients comes natuarally to us. That´s why our main drive and focus lies in you and your positive experience, that you will take away and convert in hopefully epcic memories for yourselves that lasts forever.

We at InYachts are the personal managers for your own boat and are happy to take care of any aspect of  your boating in the Mediterranean, making life as easy as possible for you, saving you time and hassle.

For you, who enjoys the sea and boating, but have not bought a boat yet, or perhaps you prefer to enjoy the boating experience on a one-day basis, we would love to be your Event-Manager in Charter terms. Let us tailor the perfect day with one of our Ibiza boat charter-boats for you and style it with delicious catering and/or watertoys.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!

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Boat rental Ibiza

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Yacht rental Ibiza
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