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Fairline Phantom 65

It´s time to believe the perfect yacht can exist

Some say a phantom cannot be real and can only exist in one’s mind. We say otherwise. We say it’s time luxury and exhilaration co-existed. It’s time for the Phantom 65.

Inspired by the award-winning design of our Targa 65, the latest addition to the Fairline family raises the bar on every level. Within every line, every detail and every feature, you’ll find the perfect balance of unparalleled calm and unrivalled excitement.

So, if you’re ready to believe in a yacht like no other, it’s time you stepped aboard the Phantom 65.


Relaxation and excitement are states of mind. They exist together on the Phantom 65 and can change at the push of a throttle. Unwind in perfect luxury as you watch the world go by with champagne in hand, then climb up to the sportsbridge and experience the exhilaration as the world flies by at 35 knots.



As one luxurious space flows effortlessly into the next, thanks to dynamic diagonal lines and an array of beautifully handcrafted materials, you can relax knowing wherever you are onboard, you’ll feel perfectly at peace. And with up to four cabins, there is no shortage of luxury accommodation.



A Fairline interior fulfils its purpose when you step on-board and say, “Ahhh.”

Creating a space that is truly comfortable requires more than reaching for a cosy pillow and blanket; it’s about tapping into sensibilities that speak to our deepest and most essential needs.

Our new interiors are defined by serene living spaces, as the focus of life on-board moves closer to the water. Earth tones, deep blue hues, natural weaves, and linen textures make way for an interior collection that is as gentle as the Mediterranean breeze.

One area effortlessly flows into the next using dynamic diagonal lines, leading your eye-line through the space. Oak wood floors, beautifully lacquered cabinetry, luxury natural fibre carpets and vertical slatted timber details harmonise and evoke a sense of calm. It’s the perfect setting for waterside living and entertaining.









Principle Information
Length overall (inc pulpit)
and submersible platform 65"4 (19.96 m)
17"2 (5.23m)
No. of berths
5’ 2” (1.58m)
Transport height
Transport height: 17’ 9” (5.46m)
Dry weight
38.3 tonnes / 42.2 US tons (38,300kg)
Fuel tanks
919 gallons / 1,103 US gallons (4,177 litres)
Water tanks
237 gallons / 285 US gallons (1,080 litres)
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